What you need to know about Diabetes and weight loss

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Diabetes and weight loss


One of the most important things to do as a diabetic or when diagnosed with diabetes is to get your weight under control.


If you are already obese to start with or you gain weight after diagnoses, it will affect your body, making your blood glucose level much more difficult to control.

This is the most important thing to control as a diabetic.  Your task is made much more difficult if you are carrying extra weight.

Carrying extra weight makes your body more susceptible to a condition called insulin resistance.  This is where the insulin produced by your pancreas fails to transport glucose to your cells where it would be used up.  This causes your blood glucose levels to rise which can lead to many complications including a heightened risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, damage to the nerves, kidneys, eyes and blood circulation problems.

By ensuring you are at the proper weight or by losing weight, it is easier to regulate your blood glucose levels and therefore help protect yourself against these complications.


Losing weight and keeping it off has many benefits for a diabetic.  Even the beginning stages of your weight loss journey have a profound effect in the following ways.

  • Controlling blood glucose levels is more manageable, a goal of every diabetic.
  • The chances of insulin resistance drop dramatically.
  • Your blood circulation will improve. Improved circulation means essential nutrient, minerals and importantly oxygen is transported more efficiently throughout your whole body.
  • Cholesterol levels will improve. Carrying extra weight increases low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in your body. This is the cholesterol that if in abundance, can lead to the narrowing of arteries.
  • The risks of heart disease are reduced.
  • You will have improved fitness levels.
  • Your will have higher energy levels.
  • Your will have improved sleeping patterns.
  • Less joint problems especially in your knees and ankles.


This is part one of a two part article on weight loss and diabetes. To many People in the world today is diagnosed With diabetes type 2, and get even worse from this condition if they dont di anything about it. So we have taken it upon ourselfs to Write a little more about this subject and if you feel that you are in the risk cone you can use these simple steps to avoid diabetes.