What are the ill effects of smoking?

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What smoking are doing to you.


Smoking is the very common phenomena to describe one’s death. Maybe this is the title because it is hatred by the non-smokers. Again 70-80% of the smokers are always thinking to quit this habit. So, the title is significant to describe the term shortly. Hereby, we can know more about the ill effect of smoking. There are so many diseases caused by this addiction. A lot of harmful chemicals are there in a cigarette. They are often the causes of diseases and disorder of health and environment. Nicotine is the main harmful element among them. This can make a great harm to the lungs, liver, kidney, etc. Among the over than 70,000 different chemicals in tobacco smoke, it is known that about 250 chemicals cause different diseases to human, and about 69 of them are responsible for only cancer. Chemicals like cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, etc. are present in tobacco smoke.

Every day a lot of people are dying for the ill effect of smoking. In U.S.A number of about 0.5 million and U.K, 0.1 million people are facing death due to smoking per year. The economic loss is even more. Besides, it has a lot of concerning matters. The most common ill effect is to create cancer. It has been known that about 90 of them are lungs cancer. Also, there are some other cancers. Kidney, mouth, throat, liver, stomach, ovarian, bladder, etc. related cancer diseases are mostly caused by this harmful smoke. Smoking can also create some other severe diseases. Heart stroke, coronary heart attack, peripheral and cerebrovascular is some very commonly seen diseases. Bronchitis and pneumonia can also be seen in smokers.

The non-smokers who are getting attached with smoking every day will be affected, in the same way as they do. The chance of being suffered from cancer is raised to 25%. In this type of smoking effect, the women and children are serious been affected. A newly born baby will be suffered in higher problems. They may be caught coughing. The people having asthma problem are affected severely. The babies might be in SIDS risk and another disorder. Sometimes smoking can cause disorder of the fetus by the side effect of smoker father. If smoking continues during pregnancy, it will bring some severe problems. The premature birth or even miscarriage can be happened due to this. A low weight baby are often delivered from smoker mother.

The chance of stillbirth is even more. In men, electrical dysfunction has been seen to happen only for smoking. These death causing diseases are often found in smokers. So the ill effects of smoking know no bounds. So what to do? The less time you will take to quit, the more you will live. The chances of these diseases are getting low. However, there are also some social effects of smoking. The smell of smoke mostly disturbs others. Even a smoker cannot cope with the left ashes. It will wipe out from friends and family. It’s better to stop here.

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