The 12 step recovery program

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The 12 step recovery program has worked for millions of people world wide. The program works so well because it is a support system that does not define an addict as feeble or powerless. The group does not blame the addict. Instead it helps addicts recognize and accept their problem and help them start the recovery process.

The first step of the program is accepting your addiction. The program does not shame addicts, neither does it blame them for their education. The group recognizes addiction as a disease, which enables you to accept that your genetics and the wiring of your brain makes you more prone to be an addict than other people. However, the group does not encourage you to project all your problems on to your genetics, it helps you recognize harmful behavior and encourages you to take responsibility for your actions. The 12 step recovery programs empower you to take the necessary step to recovery, while also ensuring that you have minimum chances of relapse in the future.

This program helps you recognize harmful behavior and triggers that may have propelled you into using, thereby ensuring that you avoid these behaviors in the future. The group encourages you to get help whenever you have an urge to use.