Make your hormones work better

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Hormones are chemical messengers which perform vital bodily functions such as growth, metabolism, digestion, etc. They are present in minute quantities in the body and their levels are constantly maintained. Your body faces no problem as long as you have normal levels of various hormones in your body and you remain healthy, whereas a slight drift from the normal may produce diseases and disorders.


What needs to be done?

One being the controller of one’s own health and body can easily make his/her hormones work better for a healthy life. The key here is to keep your hormones level within a normal range. Some of the ways to boost your body to synthesize and balance hormones are:

1.      Good Food

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Hormones are produced from fats and cholesterols in your body. Taking and selecting foods having good quality fats, carbs and proteins is essential.Olive oil, canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil and nuts have good fats which are Omega-3 fats and unsaturated fats. Avoid fried foods, ice creams, cheese, butter and fats from meats (beef, pork, lamb) as they have bad fats (saturated ones).




2.      Reduce Caffeine

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Most of the people love coffee, much so in areas of long winters to keep them warm. Consuming too much caffeine plays havoc with your hormonal (endocrine) system. Therefore you should try to abstain from it and replace it with beneficial herbal teas.




3.      Avoid Stress

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Stress has a great impact not only on hormones but also on the body. It causes your body to produce excessive stress hormones, synthesized in the adrenals. For your hormone health it is critical to deal with stressful conditions. It takes off the pressure load from the adrenals when you successfully handle stress. Relaxing yourself by yoga, taking hot baths, meditation, listening to light music and going for a walk will help you manage stress.



4.      Sleep

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You’ll be knowing and must have experienced that a good night’s sleep helps you work better during the day. If you are tired and lethargic you feel irritated and unable to concentrate on anything. A good sleep also helps your hormones to work better. Try sleeping at a proper time at night, have a comfortable pillow and mattress, and avoid napping during the day.



5.      Exercise

By: Official U.S. Navy Page
By: Official U.S. Navy Page


Exercise is very important for a healthy life and balancing hormones. Your body releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin after you work out which has a positive effect on mood and maintain health of hormonal system. Exercise also releases growth hormone which increases body strength. So go for a walk, swimming and take the stairs instead of elevators.