Homemade Colon Cleanse

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For a healthy living colon and body cleansing are very important. The procedure helps the whole body not only focus only certain area. Body cleansing focuses on the whole body and colon cleansing focuses on a certain area.

Colon cleansing gives the faster results. Both Body cleansing, and colon cleansing removes the harmful toxin from the human body. Most of the cases colon cleanser used for increasing your body energy, losing weight, break down fecal wastes accumulated in the colon, cleaning your whole digestive system, decreases water retention, reduces bloating and maintains the smooth operation and functions of your colon.

Natural and organic dietary plan should be preferred in the health issue. There are also medicated drugs and prescribed techniques as alternative therapy.  The homemade colon cleansing is very essential. If you have knowledge about this, you can solve the problem of colon cleansing.

Homemade colon cleanse program:


A simple dietary plan

A light diet for a meal is perfect. The light meal consists of vegetable salads, soups and vegan foods in the simple dietary plan. You can’t take the heavy food. You can take fiber food as alternative food. Dietary plans should be prepared. Practice of the dietary plan will surely help in the purpose.


Regular consumption of plenty of water gives the body natural manner. A person should have to drink at least 10 or 12 glasses of water per day. With the water take fruit juice and vegetables juice for the colon cleansing. It will keep you body fresh all day long.

Fruit juices

Fruit juice can save you from dehydration. Always make a homemade fresh juice with the pulp such as orange, carrot, mango and celery. It will bring the taste in the mouth, and it’s needed to avoid dehydration.



By: Andrew Turner


Apple Juice

Apple juice is the kind of best home treatments for colon cleansing. Its helps to encourage bowel movements, improve the health of liver, breaks toxin and also improves the digestive system. To get a good result freshly squeezed juice should be used. You may use organic apple juice if fresh apple is not available.

Lemon Juice

As a colon cleanse, you can use lemon juice. It contains high vitamin C that is helpful for the digestive system. With the juice of one piece of lemon, mix sea-salt, lukewarm water, a little honey, etc. Drink the liquid solution on an empty stomach. For the better skin condition and bowel movement lemon juice is great.


Enemas also help you in the dietary plan. In the Enema you can use distill water or coffee, those will clean the colon block. You have to inset tube in the anus. For the beginners, it is quite tough to create homemade cleansing. Fasting is homemade cleansing, and it is very popular.

Raw Vegetable Juice

As natural product vegetable juice provides the necessary sugar that can improve the bowel movement. It supplies vitamins, amino acid, minerals and enzymes. It helps your body to break down and remove harmful waste products. You can easily make the juice by your blender or juicer.

All above homemade colon cleansing will keep you body healthier and fit. If you face such kind of problem, then you may try this at your home.