Health Problems Related to Veganism

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Veganism Good or Bad for You?


Veganism is the practice of having a vegan diet. The vegan diets are free of animal foodstuffs. Plant creams and plant oils are the replacing stuffs to the animal proteins. Veganism provides some nutrient in a large amount. It also lacks some more nutrients as well. For this reason vegans may face some problems.

Veganism is a theme of ancient India and Greece. It enters in Europe in the 17th century. This practice was invented in ethical and psychological basis and some health issues. This vegan diet provides good health in case of cardiovascular protection. It gives better security for the heart diseases and cancer. Blood pressure and cholesterol related problems are less risky veganism. This veganism following people gets much folic acid, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and proteins. But a vegan diet lacks vitamin B 12, vitamin D, iodine and some other important nutrients. So it finds so many problems in vegans’ health.

Health issues related to veganism is very common to the vegans. The child and pregnant woman get most problems. The pregnant gets too much difficulty in their delivery. The necessary growth of the newborn is hampered. The child of veganism gets too much problem in their regular growth, and they face some unwanted health problems in teen ages. Some more problems that have been identified are very common to vegans. The fertility issue gets a good attention, and most vegans got a problem related to their fertility. The teeth problems are the problems faced for veganism. The regular growth of the health and mind can’t get its own way. It has come to mind in vegans that the veganism will through the medicines on the cupboard. But it’s a wrong idea! When a deficiency of iodine causes thyroid diseases, it’s a term to be worried.

Seeds and oil of different nuts get more protein. It’s always bad for the faces. The skin of vegans goes worse than a non-vegan. The sagged skin and body parts can show you an older aged. The average family growth also stunts and make yourself too older looked. Sometimes cholesterols are not devils enough for your health. All the necessary nutritional elements are needed for your better health. So some vegan foods are not good enough for a vegan’s health. So some changes need to set in veganism. Some necessary nutritious foods like calcium, iodine and vitamin rich food should be added.


By: Jennifer


The problems of breastfeeding are more severe for a vegan. Also, it has been faced the death of children for veganism. Some vegan has been found to regret their veganism. They have stated that they had done very badly for their own health and their next generation as well. So it’s not good to be a vegan all along. But one should have to follow a balanced diet. Veganism gets some good for the safety of our heart, cancer risk and other, but it results in a great skin and growth damage in the future.