Get the most out of your 12-step recovery program

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There are 2 types of recovery meetings, namely, speaker meetings and discussion meetings. In a speaker meeting, someone stands up to tell their story. The best part of speaker meetings is that you do not have to talk, and it is the most harmless way to get started. The down side of the speaker meetings is that you do not have to speak! The point is that you cannot benefit from a recovery group until you begin talking!

Become active and start talking

To become active in a 12 step recovery program you need to start concentrating on the discussion meetings. You do not have to start talking immediately, you can pass if you think you are not ready, it is okay to take your time and observe the process. Once you are ready to talk begin talking about what you think, and everything you think Is relevant. You can talk about your recovery and what you are thinking inside without the fear of being judged, they have seen it and heard it before.

Be committed to your recovery and believe that you can recover

Going to the meetings is essential for your recovery. Most people go to meetings twice a week, but there are people who go daily, or as often as they have an urge to use. Be committed to your recovery, make an effort to go to meetings, no matter where you are. One of the best things about 12 step recovery programs is that they are available world-wide and therefore you can attend a meeting from anywhere in the world!!

Accept the support people give you

12 step recovery programs consist of people who are willing to help, they are generally non judgmental and supportive, therefore we suggest you take all the help you can get, because it is a difficult journey and you will need the help at some point in your journey to recovery.

Find a sponsor

A sponsor is a mentor who helps you through a 12 step recovery program. Since recovering from addiction requires a lot of will power, motivation, and emotional support, finding a sponsor may prove to be very beneficial, to not only you recover, but stop you from falling off the wagon!