Five Foods for Better Abs: Eat your way to better abs

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Five Foods for Better Abs


The quest for getting better abs can be quite a challenge. Not only does one have to focus on their workout but also on the foods they consume, one cannot just focus one of the two components and get better abs. Diet can have a very important impact on your physique that is why we have made a list of five foods one should consume for better abs!

1)      Eggs

For a long time eggs were considered evil as consuming only 2 of them can put one over there daily recommended intake of cholesterol but latest research has contradicted this widely held belief. Eggs are very rich in proteins which help build muscle and also contain vitamin B12 which is necessary for fat break down

2)      Olive Oil

The mono saturated fat found in olive oil prevents muscle breakdown by lowering the levels of tumor necrosis factor-a in the blood stream which is basically a cellular protein linked with muscle wasting and weakness.

3)      Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the perfect food. You can have it for breakfast, or a couple of hours before your workout or late at night to prevent yourself from going on a binge. Oatmeal is made out of protein which not only gives you energy and helps build your muscle but it also gives you the feeling of being full which comes in handy when you have to force yourself to stay away from the cookie jar! This is because oatmeal consists of soluble fiber which combines with water and stays much longer in your stomach than insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber also helps lower blood cholesterol by combining with cholesterol and aiding in their enzymatic breakdown.

4)      Spinach and Veggies

You may possibly know all about the magical powers of spinach by watching Popeye bamboozle his enemies as a child, and as it turns out he might have been on the right track after all! Spinach and most other veggies have very low calorie content but also contain vitamins A, C and K and minerals such as magnesium which help build up muscle and lower cholesterol levels in the body.

5)      Dairy Products

The benefits of dairy have long been touted, and they have not been baseless. Low fat dairy products such yogurt, cheese and milk not only reduce the calorie intake but also provide the body with protein which is a necessary component for muscle building.

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