Essential Vitamins and minerals are vital elements for the growth and development of human Body

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Essential Vitamins and minerals


Vitamins are organic elements that come from plants and animals and minerals are inorganic elements that are absorbed by the plants and come from the earth as well as soil and water. Humans take minerals when they eat plants. For the development and growth essential vitamins and minerals are most necessary for the human body. It plays a significant role in maintaining your health. With the deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, people face some different disease and disorder in the human body.

Essential Vitamins and minerals are both necessary for the formation and development of the human body. Vitamin D and calcium are the essential vitamins, and minerals are needed for the formation of bone. A deficiency of essential Vitamins and minerals can result from rickets. These essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed through our food. To get those essential Vitamins and minerals we should eat a balanced diet with various food items.

Essential vitamins and minerals are very efficient nutrients. Hundreds of roles in the body are performed by the essential Vitamins and minerals. Healthy diet helps you to get the sufficient amount of these nutrients. With the Mitosis cell division our body, skin, muscle increases and the bone also increase by the various factors. Vitamins and minerals are considered as the most essential nutrients for their roles in the human body for this reason it’s called essential Vitamins and minerals. These help us to grow and develop bones, bolster your immune system and heal wounds, they also repair cellular damage and convert food into energy. Better understanding about essential vitamins and minerals is necessary that what they do in our bodies and what you were getting from your regular food item.

Micronutrients play a big role in the human body. Essential vitamins and minerals are also called micronutrients. Lack of vitamin C can causes bleeding gums and listlessness of Scurvy. So we should eat fresh fruit and vegetables for vitamin C. A deficiency of Vitamin A still people becomes blind in some developing country. Vitamin A produces pigments in the Eye retina. Lack of vitamin D can cause bone diseases like rickets, skeleton deformities and bowed legs. Milk is the source of vitamin D.

With combinations of essential vitamins and minerals can provide you substantial benefits. Bones become strong when all elements are available in the bone. As, for example, a combination of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium can protect your bones against fractures. In the early stage in pregnancy taking folic acid, supplements protect the offspring from brain and spinal birth defects. Essential vitamins and mineral bone formation of teeth and protects from worsening dental cavities.

Essential vitamins and minerals differ from the simple way. Vitamins are organic that can be broken down by heat, acid or air. Minerals are not organic which couldn’t break down their chemical structure. To protect the body from the various kinds of disease people should know about the essential vitamins and minerals. Take those foods that contain these essential nutrients.