Avoid Brain Aging

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Human Brain

Human brain is like a super computer that is the center of all our processes from thinking to running, even our automatic processes like breathing. Our brain is a complex network of interconnected neurons (brain cells) which are the basic unit of our brain. They work by producing small amounts of electric currents that travel along the length of the neuron.

What is brain aging?

Aging is inevitable and brain aging is said to occur when there is forgetfulness, decreased mental activity, attention deficit, increased stress and anxiety, etc. This happens because of the increased rate of neuronal breakdown and several structural changes in the brain with advancing age.

How to avoid brain aging?

Brain aging although is inevitable but it can be slowed. The brain can be kept healthy and young for a longer period of time. Scientists have studied a large group of people and have found a handful of ways to do so.

  • Regular exercise

Regular exercise is important not only for the health of the body but also the brain. Physical activities like jogging, gardening, walking, etc. helps in improving brain functions a lot.

  • Healthy diet

A healthy diet is a key for a healthy brain. Our brain requires sufficient quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, omega-3 fats, minerals and vitamins. A balanced diet provides all these essential nutrients and improves brain performance.

  • Healthy social interactions

People involved in social activities are better tied to their friends and family, sharing their grief and happiness. They are better able to survive the effects of brain aging. Therefore a healthy social life is highly recommended.

  • Increase brain potential

Learning new things and involving oneself in problem solving activities is mental exercise. As physical exercise has a positive impact on our body, in the same fashion mental activity keeps our brain healthy and young.

  • Adequate sleep

Human brain is functional all the time, round the clock. It needs to be rested to get the most out of it. A tired brain is incapable of thinking, concentrating and solving problems. Sleep helps in conserving energy, consolidating memory and improves cognitive abilities of brain.

  • Manage stress

As far as brain functions are concerned, mild stressors can be beneficial as it improves our ability to think new logical solutions to a problem. Nonetheless it is important to say that being under stress for long periods could be harmful. Therefore practicing relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation or listening to light music could help refresh our brain for better performance.

  • Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has many adverse effects not only on our body but also our brain. It causes anxiety, impaired thinking, slurred speech, blurred vision, inability to focus and sluggish mental activities. So, for a better functioning brain and avoiding brain aging one should completely abstain from alcohol.