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Hi! Welcome to Healthy life.


My name is Tom and i am from Norway. My goal is to share with you you all the techniques, tips, triks and advices you need to optimize your lifestyle. Want to have a healthier life? Then you’re in the right Place.

Philosophy to a Successfully Lifestyle.

Everyone has problems and challenges in life, but many of them develop because we have not optimized our diet and intake of vitamins and minerals. As humans, we often find outside causes for our emotional, physical, and mental distress, but the underlying problem is our own daily practices. Once you realize that you are the cause of most of your own problems, you can make the proper changes. That’s what life is about – trying to be a little better each day in our activities.

The way to do that is to start changing our daily way of living. Using a healthy diet, exercise, evolutionary theory, psychology, philosophy, and various other materials, I have made enormous changes in my life that have improved my cognition, focus, and happiness of day to day living. The journey has just started, but if I can share some of the wisdom I have collected i will be happy.

My Story       

The past many years i have neglected my body, and i drove it to the point that i shut down, and i got really sick. I had to change what i eat, how i lived my life towards training and exercise. What kind of suplements i should take. And how to balance my life in my day to day living. I want to share some of the things i have discoverd in my change of lifestyle with you.

The ultimate goal in my life is fulfillment and happiness. There will be good and bad days in our path that we cannot control, but if we stay focused and help each other.The sky is the limit for us.

Topics Covered


Diet Nutrition Health

In matters of diet nutrition health, so many feel keeping up with the latest news in the nutrition front is too much and ever changing. Diet and nutrition could be evolving but you will find great basics one needs to have in mind. Once you have understood these important basics, everything about diet nutrition health will be easy to find and make us


Immune system

When the immune system is mentioned, different people have different explanations of what it entails. Essentially, it is a cell, organs and tissue network working as a single system to defend the body against diseases or foreign objects in the bod


Nutrition health supplement

Intake of nutrition health supplements is very helpful to your body. Not all of us have the chance to eat healthy foods that help in maintaining the health of our bodies through intake of all the needed body nutrients. Lots of engagements during the day, right from social meetings, household chores, child care and work all interfere with the amount and nature of nutrition we give the body. The result is that most folks are now resorting to packaged and fast convenient foods lacking in nutrition and hardly think about nutrition health supplement.